ORBISE is an innovative blockchain institution building the next generation Blockchain Banking ecosystem!



The ORBISE Credit Card enables users to leverage the value of their digital assets by utilizing a line-of-credit. The ORBISE Credit Card allows users to make purchases within the assigned credit limit while keeping full ownership of their digital assets and benefiting from the significant upside they offer.


Our Crypto-Backed Loans are designed to help users retain 100% ownership of their crypto assets while still having the benefit of the significant upside that those offer. The Crypto-Backed Loans provide users with instant access to cash and the opportunity to take advantage of significant tax savings.


As a logical next step in our product offering, we are introducing a real estate tokenization service. Our goal is to provide liquidity to property owners and a secure, fast and easy investment in real estate for individuals and investment companies.


ORBISE10 is our first investment product. It is widely accessible, easy to use and secure, and gives holders a direct exposure to the 10 most liquid cryptocurrencies on the market. It provides investors with a diversified investment opportunity into the crypto market, thus maximizing returns.


We will provide our customers with the ability to deposit their digital assets and earn interest on them, a service similar to the conventional money deposits offered by traditional banks. Users will be able to securely store those assets with ORBISE while simultaneously having seamless access to them.


Our roadmap includes a variety of other products aiming to facilitate widespread adoption of blockchain-powered financial services. Those include theme-based investment instruments (e.g., gaming, retail, etc.), deployment of tokenized equity and AI-powered loyalty and rewards programs.

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To disrupt the financial services market by allowing faster consumer adoption of cryptocurrency related services, including deposits, loans, payments and investment services, so that all consumers can leverage digital assets to become a part of their everyday financial life.

Our goal is to offer the full spectrum of traditional and digital financial products and provide a seamless transition for the consumer to blockchain-powered financial services.

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Meet our Leaders

Viktor Viktorov
Serial entrepreneur with 12+ years of experience across domains such as online and offline retail, and others.
Angel Kelchev
11+ years of M&A and business development experience both in the United States and in Bulgaria.
Kristiyan Lozanov
Blockchain enthusiast and leader with solid IT background and expertise in project management, process management, planning and executing.
Oded Shoshany
An experienced business executive with a proven track record of transforming and growing technology companies.

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