Liquidity Diversification Security
ORBISE10 is and ERC_20 token which represents a predefined basket of well-known and highly liquid cryptocurrencies.
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About Us

ORBISE10 (represented by the ORBT token) is an ERC_20 token which gives the owner exposure to an underlying basket of well-known and highly liquid cryptocurrencies (please see Portfolio). By purchasing the ORBT token, you are buying into our proprietary process of selecting a group of cryptocurrencies with the optimal risk-reward characteristics. This means that you can expect to gain from high-growth currencies and be protected by owning more established ones that are less volatile.

Our trading platform is designed in such a way that it automatically handles the process of buying and selling the underlying cryptocurrencies, identifying the lowest market prices across several exchanges. Essentially, this guarantees that each ORBT token sold is fully backed by the underlying cryptocurrencies. You can learn more in the FAQ section.

Why Orbise10?

ORBISE10 (represented by the ORBT token) offers cryptocurrency investors a simple way to gain liquidity, diversification and security all at the same time without the need for tradeoffs. Such benefits are especially important to investors with limited experience in the cryptocurrency market.
ORBISE10 (represented by the ORBT token) is comprised of a mix of well-known cryptocurrencies which enjoy significant trading volumes. Moreover, the ORBT token is fully backed by its underlying cryptocurrencies. We always keep open buy orders on the exchanges where ORBISE10 has been listed in order to facilitate cashing out.
The different cryptocurrencies behind the ORBT token allow investors to diversify their market exposure. Essentially, investing in a basket of cryptocurrencies, as opposed to investing in any single cryptocurrency, enables investors to significantly reduce the risk of incurring losses as that would require that all of them move in sync.
The well-established cryptocurrencies comprising the ORBT token enhance its overall security. The full backing of the ORBT token allows investors to quickly liquidate their holdings, given that those are fully backed from day 1. The ORBT token transactions are powered by a proprietary bot which constantly scans leading exchanges for optimal prices.


The ORBISE10 token merely marks the beginning of the ORBISE project. The company's ambitious roadmap includes a wide range of cryptocurrency related services, including deposits, loans, payments and investment services, so that all consumers can leverage digital assets to become a part of their everyday financial life.
Q3 2018
Launch and list on Coindeal August 2018
Q4 2018
List on a top 10 exchange October 2018
Q4 2018
ORBISE Security Token Offering November 2018
Q1 2020
Launch of the ORBISE blockchain January 2020
Q3 2018
Launch and list on Coindeal August 2018
Q4 2018
List on a top 10 exchange October 2018
Q4 2018
ORBISE Security Token Offering November 2018
Q1 2020
Launch of the ORBISE blockchain January 2020

Our Portfolio

The ORBISE10 Investment Team aims to provide investors in the ORBISE10 token with an instrument that provides an indirect exposure to 100% of the risks and rewards of owning the underlying basket of cryptocurrencies. The composition and continuous rebalancing of the basket are subject to strict set of preapproved investment criteria described in detail in the ORBISE10 Whitepaper. This process is managed by our group of seasoned crypto investors and financial experts that monitors the market daily and revisits the portfolio as they see fit. The ORBISE10 Investment Team will largely base its decisions regarding the composition of the ORBISE10 portfolio on in-depth market research which includes analyzing whitepapers, conducting technical due diligence and acting upon the latest trends and developments from the cryptocurrency market. The pie chart on the right depicts the initial portfolio distribution.

Stable Growth

The following chart illustrates weekly price fluctuations (in percent) of each of the ten cryptocurrencies as well the change in the price of ORBISE10 tokens. It is evident how a holder of an ORBISE10 token will be much better off than the average return as they will benefit from the risk differentiation within the portfolio (driven by the negative correlation between underlying assets). In other words, extreme movements in either currency is somewhat offset by another underlying, effectively mitigating risk for the holder of the composite portfolio.

Our Advantages

Saving time
Investing in ORBISE10 gives you access to a professionally managed portfolio of cryptocurrencies. Our team saves you time by following the market, analyzing trends and making selections for you, while simultaneously minimizing your risk exposure.
Avoiding Bureaucracy
Investing in cryptocurrencies is fast and efficient with ORBISE10. After a single-point registration process, you will be able to purchase our ORBT token and gain direct exposure to 10 of the most liquid cryptocurrencies.
By taking advantage of the blockchain technology that powers the ORBT token, we provide you with a fast, reliable, secure and transparent service that leverages the deep financial expertise of our team.
High Performance
Our proprietary batch transaction algorithm ensures high performance and quick execution at all times. Whenever we detect the sale of an ORBISE10 token our backend automatically buys the necessary amount of backing portfolio.

Our Features

Using offline multi-sig wallets for storing your portfolio and working with independent custodians.
Providing investors with a high level of transparency powered by the underlying blockchain technology.
Giving investors access to the best deals out there thanks to a proprietary backend service.
Offering a seamless mechanism to purchase ORBISE10 tokens that is a mouse click away.
Allowing investors to create value rather than waste time with lengthy KYC processes.
Ensuring reliability and high performance through a batch transaction algorithm.

Our Video


Our goal was to make ORBISE10 as accessible as possible. All you have to do is create an account/sign in, choose one of our payments options (currently ETH and BTC), and send your preferred amount!
ORBISE10 was designed to deliver liquidity, diversification and security to investors. In addition, basket tools such as ORBISE10 save investors time by eliminating the need for extensive market research and disparate processing of transactions.
Currently we support ETH and BTC payments. Soon you'll be able to purchase ORBISE10 with fiat currencies as well!
We make use of offline, multi-sig wallets safeguarded by the independent custodians that we work with.
The portfolio was selected as a result of extensive collaboration between experts in economics and avid cryptocurrency investors. It represents a basket of well-established tokens that offer exceptional liquidity and strong potential for future value creation.
We only charge a small fee of 3%. The proceeds that we generate allow us to continue to perfect our offering and invest in additional maintenance and marketing.
Yes, ORBISE10 will be available for trading on several crypto exchanges and the underlying cryptocurrencies are also quite liquid on their own. It will be up to you to decide whether to engage in active trading or hold on to your investment.
A team of seasoned crypto investors and financial experts will be revising the portfolio composition every 3 months, in order to adapt to the shifting market. After such revisions changes to the portfolio may sometimes be necessary.

Get in Touch

For any questions, concerns or feedback regarding ORBISE, please contact the ORBISE team at:

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