Our Crypto-Backed Loans are designed to help users retain 100% ownership of their crypto assets while still having the benefit of the significant upside that those offer. The Crypto-Backed Loans provide users with instant access to cash while potentially witnessing a significant future upraise in their crypto assets.
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About Us

The world is gradually adopting cryptocurrencies but fiat money is still required for the majority of payments. By using ORBISE Crypto-Backed Loans users can get instant access to cash while retaining 100% ownership of their crypto assets. Allow yourself to preserve the potential of crypto price upsides for future trading and get a loan to cover your expenses in fiat.

By choosing ORBISE crypto-backed loans over regular bank ones you can avoid the hustle of credit checks and using the crypto assets as collateral will guarantee a quick approval and prevent any credit score drops. Thanks to the powerful underlining technology, team’s expertise and ease of use, ORBISE Loans can be a perfect solution for your financial needs.

Why ORBISE Loans?

ORBISE Loans offer you the opportunity to preserve investments in the cryptocurrency market and quickly access financing you need. You do not have to sell crypto and lose potential future gains, wait for a bank loan or pay high interest. For your convenience, ORBISE accept a variety of crypto assets as collateral, including our token ORBISE10, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. It also supports several pay-out methods, such as wire transfers, credit/debit cards and PayPal. ORBISE Credit Card will be available as another withdraw method soon. Moreover, our partnership with Management Financial Group, a leading European non-banking financial institution with 12+ years of experience, gives us priceless expertise that has not been deployed in the industry before.
Preserved Asset Ownership
Users preserve 100% ownership of crypto assets used as collateral and enjoy their value appreciation. Our product allows you to get a loan with no credit checks. It won’t affect your future credit score either.
Users can choose among 4 types of crypto assets to deposit as collateral, cryptocurrency or fiat currency to repay the loans with as well as 3 pay-out methods. They can also choose to repay only a part of the loan at a time or do it in full.
ORBISE always prioritizes security and values the trust of its users, which is why the ownership of crypto assets is protected by transparent contracts on blockchain.

Our Advantages

Time Saving
ORBISE Loans provide instant access to cash after the crypto collateral is transferred and is confirmed on the blockchain. By taking an ORBISE Loans investors and minors can make use of their otherwise passive crypto assets and get fiat currency.
With ORBISE Loans what you see is what you get: by design there will never be any hidden fees. ORBISE Loans are compliant with global standards and have all the necessary licenses in the regions where they are offered.
High Performance
Our transaction algorithm ensures high performance and quick automated execution at all times. In addition, unlike traditional lending where various fees apply due to high operational costs, with the ORBISE Loans there are just two fixed fees – for maintaining the account and for the loan itself.
As the blockchain-powered arm of Management Financial Group, ORBISE leverages the company’s expertise and knowledge gained through over 12 years of successful history and 500,000+ loans provided.

What is ORBISE?


ORBISE Loans give you instant easy access to fiat currency without the need to sell your crypto assets.
We will accept ORBISE10, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple as collateral, but the list of these is going to be updated based on the market.
You can choose between repaying the loan in fiat currency, ORBISE10, Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple.
You can repay the loan in parts or fully. There is no minimum amount on how much you can reply.
In contrast with traditional banks, we do not question whether you take a loan for everyday expenses, home payment, car payment, student tuition or something else. Make use of our product to finance what is important to you.
Currently we are testing the demo version of ORBISE Loans which is available worldwide, as it is a simulation. The full product will be available in Europe first and will be later offered in the US and Asia to ensure full legislative compliance. ORBISE launched a simulation for the Loans testing. Go to to get the full experience.
ORBISE Loans Demo is designed to showcase the most important features of ORBISE Loans and its interface. Our team is currently working on more features that will be added to the final product at its release.
You can contact us by sending a message through the contact form on our website or on social media. Please find our social media links below.

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